Forecast for the Ottawa Senators – Toronto Maple Leafs


Ottawa Senators

After Carlson left and perestroika, which Melnik allegedly started plotting, all write off senators from the accounts in the next 2 seasons at least.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto with Bobkok should go to the peak and after not the easiest start such a match with the guests looks like a gift, from which it is just a sin to refuse.


The senators, meanwhile, issued an excellent first period with Chicago and won 3-2 in it, but all periods play hockey and then received 3-3 and 3-4 from the guests in overtime. In general, even judging by weak hawks, one point for senators is success in that match, because, frankly speaking, with such a weak team and the absence of normal defenders, Toronto will be extremely difficult and due to what they are going to fight in the season at a distance saying do not understand. We expect an interesting game Leafs vs Senators!

The leaves got a difficult Montreal at the start of the regular season, which he added in the offseason, it seems after a disastrous last year, and only in overtime the hosts were able to win. But he scored the first goal of Tavares, which makes the hosts attack even more variable, although there is no Van Rimsdike anymore. On the whole, the team certainly looks much more powerful than Sens and it remains only to show the full power of the Toronto attack on its ice and confidently defeat the opponent.

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